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Whether you’re looking for a ring for your significant other or just a little bling to add to that cute outfit, Montgomery’s Jewelry has the selection. Come in and see why we are the best jewelry store in these parts!

Montgomery’s Jewelry – Family-Owned & Operated Since 1946

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphires have been prized as great gemstones since 800BC. A great poet once described the sapphire as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown.” It helps find peace of mind and serenity and promotes a life of sincerity. Sapphires also are associated with romantic love, representing fidelity and romantic devotion.

Jewelry Crafting & Repairs

Montgomery’s Jewelry offers you the ability to create an utterly unique piece of jewelry with your own gems or those specially chosen from our stellar collection.

Jewelry Crafting & Repairs

Additionally, we can repair and re-size your precious jewelry. We also offer other services such as …

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