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Serving starkville for over 75 years

Whether you’re looking for a ring for your significant other or a little extra bling for your wardrobe, Montgomery’s Jewelry has the best selection. Come in and see why we’ve been the best in the business for over 75 years.

Not just a Jewelry Store

Passion & Expertise

With more than forty years in jewelry, Woody brings an unmatched level of experience in jewelry creation and restoration.

Quality First

We guarantee the quality of your pieces is our first priority. All repairs are done in-house by Woody himself, never sent to a third-party.

customer satisfaction

With a reputation for superior customer service, Montgomery's provides the highest level of satisfaction.

Family Tradition

Montgomery's gets its name from the same family that has owned and run the store for generations.

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June's Birthstone


Alexandrite, along with the pearl, is the birthstone for those born in the month of June. This stone is extremely rare and fairly modern. It does not share the ancient history and lore of most other gems because it was first discovered in the 19th Century. Alexandrite is best known for its color-changing abilities, from green to blue to purple to red, and is nicknamed the “emerald by day, Ruby by night.” Since the discovery of alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring the wearer luck, good fortune, and love.

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